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February 2014


Paid Search Campaigns

Initial Steps In A Paid Search Campaign There are a number of factors that need to be considered when beginning a paid search campaign. Organization is critical in any but the smallest of campaigns in order to put together a process that makes the most sense and does not result in overlapping keywords or ads. The big advantage to paid search campaigns is you only pay for an ad that generates a conversion to your ad page and you can measure results unlike traditional forms of advertisement. To start with, unless you want to promote only one item, take a global look at your business and all the items or services you have to offer. Advertisement should not be a one up shot in the dark and even if you only have one service there may be more than one reason for people to focus on your solution. Examining these will help you organize your engagement more effectively, focus on the keywords and conversions that matter, and prevent them from wasting unnecessary time and money.

Once you have the organization with the overall account first you may develop one, several or even hundreds of campaigns with the overall campaign organization at the top of the hierarchy, Each campaign can have multiple ad groups, with ad groups holding various different types of ad copy and keywords that it focuses on, all dependent on the complexity of your business. You will want to focus on two word ad groups. One word ad groups are usually too broad, resulting in poor results. Three or more word ad groups are usually too specific resulting in low search volume. Neither will provide you with data to determine if the budget is being spent optimally.

These ad groups should also be broken up by search intent, and then analyzed on metrics like click-through rate and conversions. There are three stages here; the how-to mode, the compare mode and the purchase mode. Looking at the search criteria of the user will give you an indication of the specific mode.

Negative keywords need to be used in your campaigns because removing irrelevant terms often becomes necessary. For example; you sell computers. You have an ad for a desktop, laptop and notebook. In your desktop ad you add the negative keywords laptop and notebook to your ad copy and get responses targeted only to the desktop. Do the same with the laptop ad but use desktop and notebook to target responses to only the laptop. For notebooks the negative keywords will be laptop and desktop. Negative keywords can be your friend. Always use a landing page and build the content from the questions that searchers are using or seeking more information about. There are good examples in Google and Bing keyword tools to assist in this discovery.

Always start your search for keywords with a large and broad list. All words on your subject will count. Later you can prune this list by removing some of the single-word keywords which may be too broad or may be ambiguous. Then group your list into segments that are related and then into groups that may have a similar search intent. You will build your ad groups from these selecting one or two for the ad and the remainder for your landing page. Now you should have a decent list of keywords, negative keywords, and ad groups that segment those keywords into logical sections based on root words and search intent. There is still much to do in terms of developing an effective paid search campaign but this is a good start to begin testing ad copy and gathering data for your next run.

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