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Social Media Marketing

Social Media is, or should be, a key element in your marketing efforts. Think about the last traditional advertising you used to get new customers. How did it work, how much did it cost and what was your return? How did you measure your ROI, or was cost your only measurable metric.
Now think about Social Media, it can be free, measurable and a relationship building tool all in one.Social Media Marketing may be the best thing since sliced bread. The social media arena is where your customers are, and the number keeps growing. Facebook passed the 1 billion members mark in September of 2012, so no matter what your business type, your customers are out there on Facebook. Think in terms of PULL MARKETING

Facebook is only one Social Media Format. LinkedIn, Google+ , Twitter Instagram and others have also experienced similar growth.

Personal relationships are stronger and more powerful than any other relationship a business can ever have with its customers. So it is important to use Facebook and other Social Media to build a personal relationship with your clients and keep their loyalty. Call us today to find out how. 503 808-0021

Facebook? Twitter? Blogs?

Will a huge fan base on Facebook enhance your brandimage? Short answer: YES. Will posting videos on YouTube turn leads into sales? Most assuredly!
Is the potential for negative feedback limiting your business from having a public conversation?

Lets have a discussion. Be assured, the conversation has already started. Isn't it time that you were aware of where the conversation is headed and have a strategy for engaging and directing it for marketing?


Most of your social media efforts will be designed around Pull Marketing concepts, building relationships.