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Basic Core Services

We focus on developing mobile ready websites for small businesses and non-profits that need a polished and professional website, but simply can't afford the fees that large Web design firms charge. We are the home of the $300 website and all sites are hand coded to maximize effectiveness and minimize load times.

Just starting and need a website?

Goals and priorities drive the style and format of your site. We work with you to wrap your site into an interesting and attractive design that reflects your business's identity.Our starter package is expandable to 20+ pages and is designed to service all the needs of successful business owners. Here are 4 Free Ways To Promote your website!

Have a website but need changes?

You may not know exactly what you want or need but you can certainly identify what it is that you don't like. Try a makeover, contact us for a free consultation! or call our message line at 503 808-0021 today.

Have a website but no traffic?

Search engine optimization (SEO) is complex and today, more necessary than ever. Yet SEO is more than just a few keywordsG P S Marketing strategically placed in your site. It takes time and patience with a deliberate and measured approach before you see results. Ask how your site scores with SEO Today! This is a no obligation written report for your business.

Want to start e-mail marketing?

The process of announcing new events, marketing products and driving traffic to your website are key elements in harnessing the power of the Web.Don't overlook this powerful tool. Contact us today at 503 808-0021 for further information.